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Welcome to our COOL PEOPLE page! Why are these Facebook users cool? Read on...

Every day, thousands of users are kicked off Facebook and blocked for 30 days or longer. Why? Because they sent a few friend requests to strangers. Even if users accept your requests, you may be blocked if a few people say they don't know you outside of Facebook!

The Cool People on this page know how to play the adding game and they've agreed to respond to your friend requests nicely. That means you can send add requests to one or all without being sent to Facebook Jail. That's cool, huh?

Have fun meeting cool Facebook friends!

Are YOU a Cool Person?

Add yourself to the Cool People list! Just complete these easy steps:

#1 Add or follow the group admins:

Nicki Veneto


David A Hunter


#2 Read the rules and submit a request.

We'll add you to our Cool People! page within 72 hours assuming you're approved.

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