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Shannon Hitchcock
Club Manager
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Shannon is a no-nonsense gal who says what she thinks and doesn't like wimpy men that whine. She enjoys turning off the music and shouting insults over the microphone when someone acts like a fool and annoys her.

Julia Gómez
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Brazilian diva Julia Gómez is gorgeous, outgoing and always looking for new friends. She can say 'add me' in 12 languages. After a 30-day stint in Facebook Jail for adding just one friend, she learned her lesson -- if you want to be her friend, you gotta send her an add request!

Nikki Veneto
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No stranger to the dance club scene, Viviana Nicole (her friends call her Nikki) is a survivor of the wild club scene in Athens and Munich. After one too many hangovers, she swore off booze for apple juice. She now works as a SEO consultant on social networks.

David A Hunter
Admin / DJ
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A former dance club DJ in Los Angeles, David is now a programmer, and he decided to turn a boring Facebook "Add Me" group into a disco just because he could. He says he'll spin some old school dance soon as he finds an old record player that works.

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Coming! Virtual Dance Contests! Start filming your hot dance moves in the mirror and watch this space for details!

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